Burglar caught after leaving half-eaten peach at scene of crime

A burglar who left a half-eaten peach at the scene of his crime has been jailed after police forensics were able to use it to obtain a DNA match.

Arran Burton, 27, had broken into a home in Ashington, Northumberland, on October 9 last year and grabbed a peach from the homeowner's fruit bowl, before discarding half the snack at the crime scene.

He then helped himself to sweets and chocolate before fleeing.

While scanning the home for evidence, officers found the partially-eaten fruit and alerted the forensics team who were able to get a DNA match for Burton.

After pleading guilty, Burton, of Castle Terrace, Ashington, appeared at Newcastle Crown Court on Tuesday for sentencing.

He will now spend 876 days in prison.

Detective Sergeant Dave Boon, from one of Northumbria Police's burglary teams, praised the forensics specialists for their work which led to the arrest.

He said: "The DNA work by the forensics team on this case has been fantastic.

"Their meticulous efforts have helped convict a burglar and made the local community safer.

"Their fruitful endeavours mean Arran Burton will now have plenty of time on his hands to think about his actions."

Burton was also ordered to pay a victim surcharge of £181.