The UK’s most expensive toll roads revealed

British motorists using the eight most expensive toll roads could spend an average of £4.83 per day travelling to and from work.

Meanwhile the most expensive toll road in the UK is the M6 Toll, which costs £6.70 each time it’s passed through.

Analysis of British toll roads by Leasing Options found that the average return journey on the eight most expensive toll roads in the UK was £4.83 per day. That would result in a total cost of £1,264.15 if used every week day, which is equivalent to about three per cent of the average UK salary.

M6 Toll Statistics
M6 Toll Statistics

Those travelling on the M6 Toll every week day would face an annual bill of £3,510.80, or the equivalent of about four tanks of fuel every month.

Mike Thompson at Leasing Options said: “While some people have no other option to use these roads, it’s staggering the amount these toll charges can add up to when used on a daily basis.

“Our research shows that on average over the year a commuter could pay £1,264.15 on these roads – that’s 3.5 per cent of the average UK salary, which is a big amount to fork out over the year.

“The convenience can be great for the occasional user, but we feel it’s a big cost to take for some people with little other choice”

The M6 Toll was the most expensive by far, with the Dartford Crossing coming in second at £2.50 per trip, followed by Mersey Gateway (£2), Tamar Bridge (£2), and the Tyne Tunnel (£1.80).