Audio leaked of Melania Trump complaining about decorating WH: 'Who gives a f*** about Christmas stuff?'

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, the former friend and adviser to Melania Trump and author of Melania and Me, appeared on Anderson Cooper 360 Thursday night and shared audio recordings of phone calls with the first lady. The subjects ranged from Melania’s trip to the southern border to visit with children who had been separated from their parents and the jacket she wore when she left that read, “I Really Don’t Care. Do U?,” to her disdain for decorating the White House for Christmas.

“I’m working like a — my a** off at the Christmas stuff that, you know, who gives a f*** about Christmas stuff and decoration. But I need to do it, right?” Melania said. “And then I do it and I say that I’m working on Christmas, planning for the Christmas. And they say, ‘Oh, what about the children? That they were separated.’ Give me a f***ing break.”

Melania claimed that while it was sad that the children were separated from their parents, they were better off in U.S. custody.

“The way they take care of them. It’s, you know, they even said, the kids, they said, ‘Wow, I’ll have my own bed. I will sleep on the bed. I will have a cabinet for my clothes.’ It’s so sad to hear it, but they didn’t have that in their own countries,” Melania said. “They sleep on the floor. They are taking care nicely there.”

Melania also claimed that she tried to reunite children with their parents but was unable to and griped that the media wouldn’t run the story. But she refused to go to the friendly confines of Fox News.

“They will not do the story. We put it out. They would not do the story,” Melania complained. “They would not do the story because — they are not, they would not do the story because they, they, they are against us because they’re liberal media. Yeah, if I go to Fox, they will do the story. I don’t want to go to Fox.”

As for that infamous jacket Melania wore when leaving to visit the separated children at the southern border, Melania said, “I am driving liberals crazy, that’s for sure. And that’s, you know, that’s — and they deserve it. You understand? And everybody’s like, ‘Oh my God, this is the worst, this is the worst.’ After — I mean, come on. They are crazy.”

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