Corrie’s Simon Gregson says Steve is ‘hoping against hope’ for dying son Oliver

Coronation Street star Simon Gregson said his character Steve McDonald is “hoping against hope” following the devastating news about his son Oliver.

Oliver, Steve’s child with Leanne (Jane Danson) has Mitochondrial disease and doctors have warned life support is the only thing keeping him alive.

However, the parents have been told about a hospital in Germany that may be able to treat Oliver but it comes at an enormous cost.

Gregson, who has played Steve since 1989, said the character is torn.

Simon Gregson
Simon Gregson

“He’s in two minds,” he said. “He’s believing what the doctors are saying but then he’s hoping against hope that there is still a chance.

“But Leanne won’t take it on board at all and Steve is allowing himself to be persuaded by Leanne really because he wants to believe there’s still hope.”

Steve and Leanne are gearing up for a legal fight against the hospital over a row over Oliver’s life support.

Gregson said they are willing to go to drastic lengths to fund the costly action.

"I'm up for the fight and so is Oliver, we're not beaten yet." 💔

For help and support regarding Oliver's story, please visit:

— Coronation Street (@itvcorrie) October 2, 2020

He said: “They want to do everything they can but they’re not prepared at all financially because it’s a ridiculous amount of money but they’re determined to do anything they can and go to any lengths to give Oliver a chance.

“Steve offers to sell his businesses to raise money, Nick tries to sell his share of the factory, the whole family is pulling together, even Tracy agrees to sell the florists.”

However Steve’s wife Tracy backtracks on her decision to sell the business, saying she is unwilling to risk their future chasing an unlikely legal victory.

Gregson said it causes an argument between the married couple.

He said: “Initially it’s a kick in the teeth and he can’t believe she’s done it but deep down sadly he knows that Tracy’s right and that’s tough. But any hope is better than no hope and he’s trying to cling on to that and this feels like she’s trying to snatch that tiny thread of hope away.”

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