UK-first EV energy tariff and charging cost comparison site launched

The UK’s first EV energy tariff and charging cost comparison site has been launched, aiming to save electric vehicle owners money.

Rightcharge compares the cost of energy tariffs, the price of home charging and how much it costs to install a home charger. It claims that it could save users more than £230 a year on their energy bills as well as more than £100 on the upfront cost of installing a home charger.

EV-specific energy tariffs can often bring cheaper energy rates at lower times of demand such as overnight. When combined with a smart charger, this can help to drastically cut how much drivers pay to charge their electric vehicles while also ensuring that the energy used is as green as possible.

It’s estimated that drivers could be overpaying on their energy bills by an average of £233.19 per year by not adopting smart home charging. This could rise to £1,102.94 for high annual mileage drivers.

Charlie Cook, founder and CEO of Rightcharge, said: “The explosion of EV ownership means there is more choice than ever – of cars, chargers and energy tariffs. However, without easy to compare information, drivers are still in the dark about what options work best for them to get the best deal.

“Our free online tool is the only service on the market that solves this for drivers, providing easy to understand and impartial advice that’s tailored to every customer.

“10 million people will switch to an electric car in the next 10 years. With the right advice, drivers can collectively save over £10 billion on home charging energy bills in the next decade.”

By adopting a smart charger and a time-of-use tariff, drivers can charge their vehicles overnight for as little as 5p/kWh, or around 1p per mile. In contrast, a standard variable tariff at an average of 17p/kWh would cost drivers four times more to charge their car, equating to around 4.5p per mile.