Michaela Coel: I’m freezing my eggs ‘just in case’

Michaela Coel has revealed she plans to freeze her eggs in case she develops a sudden urge to have children in later life.

The writer and actress, 32, said she sometimes worries she does not think about having children as much as she should.

However Coel, best known for her hit BBC series I May Destroy You, said she had considered adoption.

The London-born actress was in conversation with US actor and rapper Donald Glover for GQ magazine.

She said: “And sometimes I worry that I don’t (think about having children) as much as I should, which is why, just in case I ever think about this more, I’m freezing my eggs, just in case.

“I’ve never been too thinky about bearing my own children through my vagina. I have thought about adopting. That I’ve thought of more than vaginal children.

“But in case I changed my mind, because I don’t know, they say it happens… Like, you reach this point where suddenly you really want babies and all you can think about is you want a baby and the clock’s ticking.

“I don’t ever have that. I’ve never felt it. I’ve never even said, ‘I want to have a baby,’ ever in my life. So I’m freezing them in case that hits me later.”

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Following on from the success of I May Destroy You, Coel said she had decided to take September off work.

She added: “I’m asked this question and I have an answer that I give, which is, ‘I’m taking a break.’ However, it’s been a while now.

“And even though I’m still technically working, because, hey, we’re doing press, there is, like, there’s a tiny seed far away.

“I’m just on the edges. I don’t know. I have something in my womb.

“I sometimes equate my show with children. So the inception might be beginning.

“There’s something, but for now, I’m trying to just live for a minute. I think I’ve given myself September to just live.”

Read the full feature in the November issue of GQ, available from Friday October 2.