Almost half of Britons want Harry and Meghan to lose titles, says survey


Almost half of Britons believe the Duke and Duchess of Sussex should be "stripped" of their royal titles, a survey suggests.

Harry and Meghan are now living in America after stepping down as working royals for financial and personal freedom, and have recently signed a lucrative Netflix deal rumoured to be worth more than £100 million.

The YouGov poll asked 3,250 adults on Monday the question: "Do you think that Harry and Meghan should or should not be stripped of their royal titles?"

The results found 48% of those questioned believed they should lose their titles, 27% said no, and 25% did not know.

Harry and Meghan proved more popular with younger people, with 25% of 18 to 24-year-olds saying they should be stripped of their duke and duchess titles and 38% of that age group saying they should not.

While 65% of those aged 65 and above said they should become just Mr and Mrs and 18% said they should retain their honours.

The regional breakdown found 54% of those in the south, living outside London, thought the royals should lose their titles but 24% of this group said they should keep them.

Of the Londoners polled, 38% thought they should be stripped of their honours and 33% believed they should not.

The survey found 70% of those who said they were Conservative Party supporters wanted the couple to lose their honours, with only 16% saying no.

While just 31% of those who favoured the Labour Party agreed with Harry and Meghan losing their titles compared to 36% who thought they should not.