The lowdown as Princess Eugenie baby news announced

Here’s all you need to know about Princess Eugenie’s baby:

– Another royal baby? Who’s expecting now?

Princess Eugenie is the latest of the Queen’s grandchildren to be welcoming a child.

– Who is Princess Eugenie?

The daughter of the Duke of York and his ex-wife Sarah, Duchess of York.

Eugenie married drinks executive Jack Brooksbank in a grand royal wedding in Windsor in October 2018.

Princess Eugenie's wedding
Princess Eugenie's wedding

She is the younger sister of Princess Beatrice.

Beatrice and Eugenie
Beatrice and Eugenie

– When is the baby due?

Buckingham Palace has said in a statement that Eugenie and Jack are expecting their first baby early in 2021.

– Where will the baby fall in the line of succession?

Eleventh in line. The Queen’s youngest son the Earl of Wessex, who was third in line when he was born in 1964, will drop to 12th place.

  1. The Prince of Wales

  2. The Duke of Cambridge

  3. Prince George

  4. Princess Charlotte

  5. Prince Louis

  6. The Duke of Sussex

  7. Archie Mountbatten-Windsor

  8. The Duke of York

  9. Princess Beatrice

  10. Princess Eugenie

  11. Eugenie's baby

  12. The Earl of Wessex

– How many great-grandchildren will the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh have once Eugenie and Jack’s baby arrives?

Eugenie’s baby will be their ninth great-grandchild, along with Savannah and Isla Phillips; Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis of Cambridge; Mia and Lena Tindall; and Archie Mountbatten-Windsor.

– Who will the baby’s grandparents be on the royal side?

The princess’s “Papa”, Andrew, will be a proud grandfather.

Eugenie and the Duke of York
Eugenie and the Duke of York

Her exuberant “Mumsy”, Sarah, will be the baby’s grandmother, so expect plenty of gushing, emotional tweets from the duchess.

Sarah, Duchess of York
Sarah, Duchess of York

– Will the baby ever be monarch?

No. This Windsor offspring is way too far down the line of succession.

With the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge having three children, in the future the crown is almost certain to remain on the Cambridge side of the family.

– What will the baby be called?

A tribute to Eugenie’s mother Sarah and the Queen could be expected for a girl, and perhaps Andrew after the Duke of York, and Philip after the Duke of Edinburgh, as middle names for a boy.

The Queen and Philip
The Queen and Philip

Eugenie’s unusual name – pronounced “Yoo-junnee” – was inspired by one of Queen Victoria’s granddaughters, Victoria Eugenie of Battenberg.

It generated much surprise when she was born in 1990, so the princess might decide to follow suit with something unexpected.

– What will the baby’s title be?

The baby will be plain Miss or Master Brooksbank.

They will not be an HRH nor hold a title, so strictly speaking, although they will be a member of the royal family, this baby will not be a “royal” one.

Zara and Mia Tindall
Zara and Mia Tindall

Although their mother is a princess, their father has no title and they are being born down a female line of the royal family with rules issued by George V in 1917 limiting royal titles.

– But the Queen could change this?

Yes. The Queen could decide to intervene and give Eugenie’s husband an earldom or issue a Letters Patent amending the rules.

– Would this be controversial?

It could be. Eugenie, who is not a full-time working royal, is quite far down the line of succession and there would be questions about the need for her husband or her children to have titles in this day and age.

In 2016, the Duke of York issued a rare statement denying a rift with his brother, the Prince of Wales, after reports claimed he would seek to persuade the Queen or Charles to make any future son-in-laws earls.

Andrew and the Queen
Andrew and the Queen

The duke said: “It is a complete fabrication to suggest I have asked for any future husbands of the princesses to have titles.

“There is no truth to the story that there could be a split between the Prince of Wales and I over my daughters’ participation as members of the royal family and any continued speculation is pointless.”

It is unlikely the baby would be given a title since Harry and Meghan’s son, Archie, is higher up the line of succession and is not using the courtesy title of an earl he is allowed to take.

– Where will Eugenie’s baby be born?

The Duchess of Cambridge had three successful deliveries in the private Lindo Wing at St Mary’s Hospital in London so Eugenie might decide to pick the Lindo as well.

The princess and sister Beatrice were both born at London’s private Portland Hospital, as was Harry and Meghan’s son, Archie, so this is also an option, as is the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital’s plush private Kensington Wing.

Newborn Princess Eugenie
Newborn Princess Eugenie

But Frimley Park Hospital in Camberley, Surrey, may be closer to home.

It was the hospital that saved the life of the Countess of Wessex following complications during the birth of her daughter Lady Louise Windsor.