New Ghost Extended brings added spaciousness to Rolls-Royce’s latest saloon


Rolls-Royce has introduced a new Extended version of its Ghost luxury saloon.

Some 170mm longer than the standard car, the change brings – according to Rolls-Royce – ‘greater space and legroom for rear-seat occupants’.

Inside, an optional reclining ‘serenity seat’ can be selected, bringing a level of comfort which the Goodwood-based company likens to a business jet cabin. A champagne fridge has been installed between the two rear chairs, and it features two different cooling modes too.

Rolls-Royce Ghost Extended
Rolls-Royce Ghost Extended

A new Micro-Environment Purification System (MEPS) system enhances the existing air filtration technology to further improve the cabin air quality in the car and is capable of detecting if the level of airborne contaminants is too high. If so, the air is then passed through a nanofleece filter which can remove all of the ultra-fine particles.

Torsten Müller-Ötvös, chief executive officer of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, said: “New Ghost is the result of in-depth dialogue with Rolls-Royce’s diverse and global customer base. Many of them asked the marque to create a motor car that provides the indulgence of enhanced rear space within the interior suite with no compromise to driving dynamics.

Rolls-Royce Ghost Extended
Rolls-Royce Ghost Extended

“Ghost Extended answers this customer demand by creating a product that augments both their business and lifestyle requirements.”

New laser headlights are already included, while a range of assistance systems ensure that the safety levels in the Ghost match the level of luxury it offers.

The Ghost Extended retains the same 6.75-litre V12 engine as the standard Ghost, while 100kg of acoustic sound deadening ensures that the cabin remains as hushed as possible.

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