Tyson Fury calls on Boris Johnson to help fight racism against travellers

Tyson Fury has called on Prime Minister Boris Johnson to clamp down on racism against travellers.

The WBC heavyweight champion posted a video of a protest march in Morecambe and Lancaster on Twitter on Wednesday evening along with the message, “It’s NOT OK to be racist to travellers” amid claims that local pubs had refused admission to members of the traveller community.

In the video, Fury says: “I call out the Prime Minister. Where are you? You need to come to Morecambe and out the racists. Boris, where are you Boris?

“It’s not OK to be racist to travellers. It’s not acceptable.”

The video shows protestors chanting “TLM” – Travellers’ Lives Matter – and wearing t-shirts and carrying banners emblazoned with the message “TLM for everyone”.

In an earlier clip, the boxer, who has traveller heritage and is nicknamed “the Gypsy King” says: “Here I am, here in Lancaster. There is a protest going on, Travellers’ Lives Matter. There shouldn’t be racism towards travellers in 2020.”