Man reveals how to seal a bag of crisps with simple hack

Nobody wants their family pack of crisps to go stale. (Getty Images)
Nobody wants their family pack of crisps to go stale. (Getty Images)

We can all agree that family bags of crisps are the pinnacle of snacking.

Yet, we’re all guilty of shoving them in the cupboard from time-to-time only to come back to find them stale.

Even when we do diligently roll the packet up, there’s no saying how it’ll unfurl in the cupboard, rendering our favourite snack more and more tasteless - until now.

One man has shared a quick and easy TikTok video to show us how to properly close our crisp packets using a simple hack.

As with most TikTok hack videos, we can’t believe we’ve never thought of this before.

Paulio from Melbourne, Australia, showed the world his foolproof way of closing a family bag of crisps and it only involves three steps.

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Speaking to the camera, the he folds the two corners of the packet inwards facing the camera.

Next, he rolls the packet downwards, facing himself, until he’s about half way down the packet. At this point, he pulls the corners over the rolled part and gives the bag a squeeze (we assume to check that no air is coming out).

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Paulio is confident in his hack, stating that the packet “doesn’t come undone” after using his method.

The man has only ever put two TikTok videos on his account before, so he has certainly got a lot to live up to, racking up 27,000 views in his first video.

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People shared their amazement at his hack on his page, with one person saying they wished they’d seen it before investing in storage containers for their leftover crisps.

“Mate, you’re living in 2040,” one impressed TikTok user wrote.

While many were impressed with the hack, others said an even easier hack would be to just eat them all up in one sitting, and then you wouldn’t need to seal the pack.

Now, that’s a hack we can get onboard with.

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This isn’t the first food-based video to come out of TikTok. In fact, we’ve got a fair few to be thankful for in recent weeks.

The popularity of the whipped hot chocolate, a new drink trend taking over the social media app, is quite possibly our favourite of the autumn season. Nothing quite says colder weather like hot chocolate, whipped.

Similarly, roast potatoes are a staple of the new season and this TikTok hack shows you how to make them crispier than ever using baking soda.

We’re eagerly awaiting the next big trend.

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