Marvin Humes: Rochelle can’t wait for the baby to come


Marvin Humes has said his wife Rochelle’s pregnancy has passed quickly despite lockdown, but that she “can’t wait” for the child to arrive.

The couple, 35 and 31, announced in April that they were expecting their third child together, a son.

Humes said the fact this was their third pregnancy together had made it go “super fast”, despite them being locked down at home for much of it.

He told the PA news agency: “Do you know what, the last two pregnancies I wouldn’t say they’ve been long, but they definitely felt like…

“Especially Rochelle, she’s at the point now where she can’t wait for the baby to come, obviously we’ve got a few weeks left.

“But this pregnancy has actually gone, in our eyes, really quick considering we spent a lot of months at home in lockdown.

“Weirdly, you would have thought it felt like a drag, but this one’s actually gone super fast.

“Maybe it’s because it’s our third child. With Alaia-Mai especially, when it’s your first, it’s so new to you and you’re so apprehensive about the whole process.

“So I think maybe because it’s the third one, it feels like it’s gone quicker this time around.”

The Global Awards 2019 with – Arrivals – London
The Global Awards 2019 with – Arrivals – London

The pair became engaged in 2010 after meeting while both still pop stars in the bands The Saturdays and JLS.

They welcomed daughter Alaia-Mai in 2013, and another daughter, Valentina Raine, in 2017.

Humes admitted they had wanted a son this time around.

Asked whether he was excited when he found out the sex, Humes said: “Definitely. Obviously we’ve got two beautiful girls and look, it’s a cliche, but (we) just wanted the baby to be healthy and everything.

“But if we had to pick, I think we would have wanted a boy this time around for sure, so we were over the moon when we found out it was a little boy.”

Together the couple host the music quiz show The Hit List, which sees couples name as many songs and artists as they can for a chance to win big money.

The Hit List returns to BBC One on September 26.