As traffic increases, motorists reminded good lane discipline reduces queues

Motorists are being reminded that good lane discipline can be the key to reducing risk and congestion on the road.

Safety campaigners GEM Motoring Assist has issued the reminder to motorists using motorways that they should keep left in lane one unless overtaking.

It comes following the recent announcement that some stretches of motorway are facing lower speed limits in a bid to reduce pollution. Sections of the M1, M5, M6 and M602 will see the limit reduced from 70mph to 60mph in areas where the amount of nitrogen dioxide is above recommended levels.

Meanwhile, RAC Insurance research shows that the morning rush hour has returned to pre-pandemic levels following the reopening of schools.

Motorway rules dictate that you should only be in lane two or three if there is a line of slower-moving traffic that needs to be overtaken. However, you should move back across at the earliest opportunity.

The only exception is a smart motorway, where the overhead signage requests drivers stay in their lane.

GEM chief executive Neil Worth said: “When you adopt good motorway lane discipline, you can really do your bit to help the traffic flow. Dangerous lane hogging is inconsiderate, increases motorway congestion and can inconvenience other road users by forcing them to overtake across two lanes.

“All drivers should use lane one unless overtaking. When they have finished overtaking, they should return to the inside lane.

“Understanding and following the rules means the motorway lanes work more efficiently, drivers are at less risk and are also avoiding the risk of penalties and fines.”