Dame Joan Collins says lockdown has brought her ‘closer than ever’ to husband


Dame Joan Collins said she has become “closer than ever” to her husband Percy Gibson thanks to coronavirus restrictions.

The actress told Hello! magazine that having to spend more time together has helped their relationship.

“Being in lockdown has made me realise how strong our relationship really is,” she said.

Elton John Aids Foundation – A Midsummer Party – Antibes
Elton John Aids Foundation – A Midsummer Party – Antibes

“I love entertaining guests at the villa, travelling and socialising, but that changed and because of the restrictions it’s just Percy and me.

“The great thing is we’re partners in crime, accomplices.”

The pair have been married since 2002.

Dame Joan also claims to have had a “feeling” a disease was on its way in January.

“I started wearing gloves as protection and in restaurants I would wipe down the table and the cutlery,” she said.

The pair then travelled from Los Angeles back to London at the beginning of March.

“At LA airport I wore a mask and gloves, and people were pointing and giggling,” Dame Joan, 87, said.

“I don’t think they believed the virus would spread.”

The full interview is in Hello!, out now.