Salma Hayek posts jaw-dropping swimsuit photos taken 20 years apart


Salma Hayek is sharing some sultry swimsuit snaps — taken 20 years apart.

The actress, who just celebrated her 54th birthday, first posted two bikini photos from a “European bathing suit campaign” for H&M in 1999 as a throwback. In the comments, someone asked if she’s single, to which she replied, “l been happily married for a long time,” referring to her union with billionaire businessman François-Henri Pinault since 2009.

(Screenshot: Salma Hayek via Instagram)
(Screenshot: Salma Hayek via Instagram)

Then, as a reminder than she hasn’t lost it, the Mexican beauty shared two new bathing suit photos showing her looking just as fab. Of the new pictures, showing her lounging on a diving board in a low-cut one-piece swimsuit and hat, Hayek wrote, “2020: More than 20 years after my last post.”

The Frieda star, a mom of one, turned 54 on Sept. 2. She posed in a bathing suit then too, calling herself “very grateful and proud for every single one of my 54 years.”

On Saturday, Hayek joins other stars including Mika and Kylie Minogue to raise money for Beirut in the live-stream event I Love Beirut. It’s being streamed on Mika’s YouTube channel, reached via a private link sent to ticket holders, across four time zones. Tickets are on Ticketmaster.

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