What the papers say – September 15

Large queues and long journeys for people wanting to be tested for Covid-19, and a lack of tests for health workers are among the top stories in the nation’s papers.

Metro says there is “no trace of a test”, while The Daily Telegraph reports on a “crisis in hospitals” as doctors and nurses are unable to access testing.

Virus tests have run out in places as laboratories struggle to keep up with demand, according to The Times.

The Daily Express cites a charity as warning the pandemic has caused a backlog of cancer patients awaiting treatment that is now “past point of no return”.

The Daily Mirror reports on “Rule of Six Chaos”, noting families are banned from meeting up but “the Government says you can still go grouse shooting with 29 chums”.

“Britain turns to drink”, declares the Daily Mail, which reports the number of people consuming alcohol at a higher level of risk has almost doubled since just before the lockdown.

Meanwhile, the i covers Boris Johnson’s “bruising Commons victory” for his controversial plan to override key elements of the Brexit deal he signed with Brussels.

The Independent says the win has come at a cost as Mr Johnson is “confronted by a growing Tory revolt” which includes former chancellor Sajid Javid.

The Government also faces potential problems at the UK’s borders, according to a leaked official report obtained by The Guardian, which says the Prime Minister has been warned queues of 7,000 lorries are expected in Kent in the New Year.

The Financial Times reports Oracle’s “partnership” with TikTok will need to be approved by the White House.

And the Daily Star says the UK could be “hotter than Hawaii” today, with temperatures forecast to hit 31 degrees.