Jose Mourinho certain Spurs will find a striker before the end of the window

Jose Mourinho has “total confidence” that Tottenham will sign a striker during the current transfer window.

Mourinho is desperate to provide reinforcements to his attacking arsenal and give competition to Harry Kane, something they were without for the whole of last season.

Spurs have been linked with a number of players, both in England and Europe, and Mourinho is expecting the club to deliver before the window shuts in October.

However, there will be no movement before Sunday’s Premier League opener with Everton on Sunday.

“I want, I need a striker, but I want to make it very, very clear that the club knows that I need a striker and they also want a striker,” he said.

“Are we going to get one? I believe so, I honestly believe so. The team needs it for the balance of the squad, with different options for different positions.

“Especially after the gift we had from the EFL and UEFA, that gives me after 20 years of football a unique experience of playing Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday for two consecutive weeks. We realise that more than ever we need that.

“We are working on it. We are not the kind of club that can go to the market and spend a fortune on players but we are working hard to give us good balance to the squad and that good balance would be to get one more striker.

Kane has had a major injury in each of the last four seasons
Kane has had a major injury in each of the last four seasons

“The other day Jurgen (Klopp) was saying that Liverpool is not a club of oligarchs and that belongs to countries. We are the same. We cannot go to the market and spend a fortune on players.

“But we all – we all, I want to make that clear – are working hard to give good balance to the squad and that good balance would to get one more striker to the team.

“We are working. Different people in the club in different areas. We try all together to find a solution that makes us all happy. Of course I have total confidence that it’s going to end in a positive way for the squad, in the end we’re speaking in the end about our squad, our team, our club.

“It’s in the interest of every one of us is working in different areas to try to find a solution.”

Getting a striker to come and play second fiddle to Kane has always been presented as one of the constraints of signing a player, but that should not be a problem according to the manager.

The amount of games coming up over the next couple of months and Kane’s unfortunate tendency to pick up injuries means game time should be possible, plus Mourinho has floated the idea that any new arrival could play up front with the England captain.

“I don’t like the word back-up, I know we have one of the best strikers in the world, I know we have undoubtedly the best striker in England, but I don’t like the word back-up,” he said.

“A squad is a squad, a striker can play with Harry Kane if he comes here it is not just to be feeling that he is a back-up.

“We have the best striker in the country but we want someone that can give us more than we have and to give us more than we have is not just to support us in such a difficult season, it is also try to play and why not play with Harry?”