Dele Alli and Eric Dier argue in latest scene from Spurs’ All or Nothing series

Dele Alli and Eric Dier’s friendship was put to the test in a heated dressing room exchange last season.

Alli and Dier are close mates off the pitch, appearing on Celebrity Gogglebox together, but tempers flared after the 3-2 defeat to Wolves in February.

Spurs conceded two second-half goals to lose the game against their top-six rivals and Alli was not happy with the defending.

In scenes shown in the latest batch of episodes of Amazon Prime Video’s All or Nothing series, Alli walked into the dressing room and said: “How the f*** did we lose that? It’s the f****** same every single game. They are the worst goals I have ever seen.”

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Throwing his shin pad down on the floor, he added: “Same problem.”

Dier, perhaps feeling targeted, said to his friend: “Del, why do you keep on saying these comments?”

Alli replied: “Because nothing changes.”

Dier then said: “Well put a name on them, yeah?”

A back and forth then ensued, with Alli asking if Dier wanted him to name the “whole f****** team” and Dier accusing his friend of acting like “a spoilt kid”.

It was eventually brought to an end by boss Jose Mourinho, who said he was pleased to see the pair arguing.

The spat was soon forgotten, though, as Alli was later shown feeding Dier a sweet at the club’s training ground hotel.

Dier said in an interview: “If I have a good connection with people off the pitch I feel like on it is so much better.

Dier and Alli have been team-mates for England as well as Spurs
Dier and Alli have been team-mates for England as well as Spurs

“You can sometimes have a go at each other or not being happy with each other but because the relationship is so strong off the pitch it doesn’t matter what we say to each other on it because we have that faith.”

Alli said: “I feel like every game we can win and we should win. You can’t get this far and playing in a team like Tottenham without being a winner so when you lose it is difficult to take. I get p***** off.

“We have done very well together as a team now so we expect to be up there and challenging and when we are not, we are not challenging where we should be right now, it is a very tense place to be.

“People always used to say to me when I was younger there are no friends in football. But I feel like my team-mates here are a family and I would call every one of them my friends.”