Most car drivers exceed 30mph limit

The majority of car drivers exceed the speed limit on 30mph roads, new figures show.

Department for Transport analysis of these roads across Britain found that 54% of cars were driven too fast during free-flow conditions last year.

This is compared with 50% on motorways and 9% on 60mph roads.

Roads with a 30mph limit are generally in built-up areas with street lighting.

Road Safety Minister Baroness Vere said: “Speeding is illegal, reckless and puts people’s lives at unnecessary risk. That is why there are tough penalties and strict enforcement measures in place for those who disobey the law.

“We know it’s just as crucial though to change attitudes that lead to dangerous driving.

“Our road safety statement and its two-year action plan include aims to tackle speeding, while our Think! campaign targets risky driving behaviour by challenging social norms among high-risk young men.”