Olly Murs: Soccer Aid training has felt like kids playing in the park

Olly Murs has said reuniting with so many friends for Soccer Aid has made him feel like “kids being let out to go to the park together”.

The singer is joined by stars including John Bishop, Iain Stirling, Marvin Humes and Mark Wright for the charity football match in aid of Unicef.

He said: “With everything that’s been happening with coronavirus and not being able to go anywhere in lockdown, being able to see everyone again has been really fun.

“Stepping back out on the football pitch and having everyone together, we feel like kids being let out to go to the park together.

“It feels even more special to be here with everyone and know it is all for such an important cause helping Unicef support children and families impacted by the coronavirus.

“I am just so happy that Soccer Aid for Unicef was able to take place, after everything that’s happened this year and we are all focused on raising lots of money, it’s going to be awesome.”

Murs will play for the England team, coached by Sam Allardyce and new addition Wayne Rooney, and Murs said: “On the first day when he (Rooney) arrived, we thought he’s just going to be having fun but he was quite serious.

“I guess he’s played at the highest level and when you put your name to something like this, it’s your name on the line.

“He reminds me of Jose Mourinho when he was involved, he had just won a Premier League title and then he was doing Soccer Aid for Unicef and that week he brought his whole team in and all his backroom staff.

“He analysed us and he took it as serious as a Premier League game and I looked in Rooney’s eyes and I could see this is a big deal for him, he’s a born winner.”

Soccer Aid for Unicef is live on ITV on Sunday at 6.30pm.