Will anyone watch Harry and Meghan on Netflix? Poll shows 64% of Brits are not interested at all

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle might be hoping to tap into an audience of 193 million captive viewers as they sign a mega deal with Netflix to produce documentaries.

But while the mammoth subscription service might command a huge fan base, it doesn’t necessarily dictate what they watch.

And a poll suggests Harry and Meghan are going to have an uphill battle in getting people to tune into their programming, with only 3% of UK respondents saying they are ‘very interested’.

YouGov polled more than 2,700 British adults about how interested they were in watching the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s content, and 64% said they were not interested at all.

The poll showed more women were very interested than men, at 4% of respondents to just 1% of male respondents.

It also revealed women were more likely to be ‘fairly interested’.

There was some regional split, with the highest level of very interested people living in Scotland and London, at 5% in each place.

But every region polled at more than 50% for ‘not interested at all’.

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Women are more likely to be keen to watch Harry and Meghan's shows. (YouGov)
Women are more likely to be keen to watch Harry and Meghan's shows. (YouGov)

Those who voted remain in the Brexit referendum were more likely to say they were very interested than those who voted leave - but it was still only 4% of people to 1%. Of those who voted remain, 59% said they were not interested.

The duke and duchess look more likely to have success with younger audiences. Those aged 18-24 were more likely to say they were ‘very interested’ than any other age range, and they also polled the highest rate of ‘fairly interested’ responses.

Those aged above 65 were most likely to say they were not interested at all.

Meghan, 39, and Harry, 35, have signed a “megawatt” deal with the streaming service to make documentaries, docu-series, children’s programming and scripted series for Netflix.

The couple will be setting up a production company, which will be separate from their non-profit organisation Archewell, and is not yet named.

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They already have two projects underway - a nature series, and an animated series celebrating inspiring women.

Although Meghan made her name on Suits, she has no plans to return to acting.

However both of them may appear in front of the camera in documentaries.

Meghan recently worked with Gloria Steinem and Makers US on a recorded interview which encouraged women to vote, and Harry appeared in a documentary called Rising Phoenix, about the Paralympic Games.

Speaking to some of the documentary participants about it, he said: “My biggest hope is that people will watch this film and go ‘No matter how hard my life is, no matter how hard a day or a week can be, this what I aspire to, not just for me but for my family and all the loved ones around me’.

“It is that element that I think will end up changing the world, so well done and thank you very much.”