Ray Winstone tucks into pasta and wine in new Sicily travel series

Ray Winstone tucks into snail eggs, sausage and mountains of pasta in his new travel series, Ray Winstone’s Sicily.

The Sexy Beast star is joined by friends as he travels the full length of the Italian island, sampling the best of its food and drink.

Footage from the show also sees him enjoying piles of fried seafood, as well as a variety of local wine, in between taking selfies with the locals, as he promises to give viewers “a proper taste of Sicily”.

He says: “I’ve never eaten and drunk so much in my life as I have on this trip, because the trip’s all been about food.

“When I come here normally, I lose weight.”

After enjoying a few glasses of wine, he tells the camera: “I got to tell you boys, the homemade vino, it’s a bit Ribena-y and it’s beautiful.”

The trailer also shows him encouraging his camera crew to enjoy a cheeky glass, saying: “Do you want to put the cameras down and have a little drinkies? I think you deserve it.”

Ray Winstone’s Sicily starts on September 7 on Blaze and viewers can catch up on the free app.