Nigella Lawson shares her 'unorthodox' method for cooking perfect chips

Nigella Lawson has revealed her unconventional method for cooking chips, pictured in 2016. (Getty Images)
Nigella Lawson, pictured here in 2016, has shared her unconventional method for cooking chips (Getty Images)

Nigella Lawson has shared her unconventional method for cooking the perfect fries.

There’s something about homemade chips – and when you master the secret to cooking them perfectly, you'll never want to eat shop-bought ones again.

But there’s some debate about the best way to cook them.

For some, deep frying is the only way, while others prefer to par-boil the potatoes first before baking them in the oven.

Food writer Nigella Lawson, 60, has an entirely different method for cooking the perfect batch of fries and we’re totally going to be trying it.

Instead of partly cooking the potatoes and heating the oil first, the celebrity chef puts raw, chipped potatoes into a baking tray of cold oil, before heating them up to cook the fries.

Sharing a snap of some delicious-looking chips to her Instagram, the TV chef wrote: “Tuscan Fries – inspired by @chefcasella – are #recipeoftheday. My cooking method is unorthodox but effective: deep-frying without so much of the stress.”

Guiding her followers to the full recipe on her bio page, the cookery writer explained that though it may seem unconventional, this method of cooking fries really works.

“This is revolutionary: you put the raw chipped potatoes into cold oil, then heat it up,” she wrote. “It sounds crazy, but it works. You’d think it would make them unbearably greasy but in fact you end up with crisp, oil-free fries of utter fabulousness.”

The ingredients for Lawson’s perfect fries simply include potatoes, vegetable oil, garlic, fresh herbs and sea salt.

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Unsurprisingly, fans were quick to offer their praise for the unusual chip cooking hack.

“These look absolutely a-m-a-z-i-n-g and scrumptious,” one impressed Instagram user wrote.

“Wowsers they look incredible! I’ve never tried Tuscan fries before but will be now! Thank you for sharing,” another commented.

Others explained that they’d already tried the cooking trick and would never go back to more conventional methods.

“They were a revelation for me,” one wrote. “I have been making them at least once a month since I first tried.”

“I only do chips this way.... Yummmmmm,” agreed another.

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It seems we’re getting quite the guide to adulting from Lawson of late.

Just last week the chef shared a cooking hack for using up excess tomatoes by making them deliciously sweet.

As well as helping to improve our kitchen skills, the food writer also revealed an unconventional way to use dry shampoo.

Instead of spritzing it onto our heads when our hair is in need of a wash, Lawson admitted she uses dry shampoo on her roots before bed for perfect morning hair.