Jeremy Vine to be joined by wife Rachel Schofield on Channel 5 show

Jeremy Vine will be joined by his wife Rachel Schofield on his Channel 5 show when she takes on presenting duties next week.

Broadcaster Schofield will stand in for Storm Huntley on the daily Jeremy Vine show for a week, starting on September 7, and will be introducing callers, presenting comments from viewers and contributing to debates.

She said: “I think between us Jeremy and I have over 50 years of broadcasting experience, but amazingly we’ve never ventured into a studio together before, so stepping into the brilliant Storm’s shoes for a week is a unique opportunity.

TV Choice Awards 2019 – London
TV Choice Awards 2019 – London

“Jeremy loves the team and the audience at Channel 5 and getting to share his morning dive into the day’s biggest stories will be a lot of fun.

“And it will be great to eat breakfast together for once, even though it’s at 5am!

“I just think I might need it in the contract that he makes the tea when the alarm goes off.”

Vine added: “I’m slightly terrified. Storm’s away, and someone thought of asking Rachel in.

“She is of course streets ahead of me in every dimension, so I know I’ll be in good hands. Secretly I can’t wait. And there’ll be at least four alarm clocks going off in our house on the first morning.”

Jeremy Vine is on weekdays at 9.15am on Channel 5.