What the papers say – August 31

Concerns over tax moves to cover the costs of the Government’s response to the Covid crisis dominate the Monday papers.

The Daily Express and the i say there is uproar over cuts to pension tax relief to help cover Covid-related costs to the Government.

The Guardian says those costs to the Government have sparked a “budget crisis” in schools.

And The Daily Telegraph also leads on the tax story, saying MPs and business leaders have warned tax increases could “choke off” the UK’s coronavirus recovery.

Meanwhile, The Times says a Government push to have people return to work appears to be stalling, according to latest data.

The Daily Mirror reports on the return of nine million pupils to schools, calling it “the biggest test yet” in Britain’s recovery from the coronavirus.

And The Independent carries a warning from scientists on a “rising risk” of animal viruses infecting humans.

Elsewhere, the Daily Mail splashes on its own campaign against plastic bags.

The sale of TikTok in the US has been put at risk after China tightened controls on technology exports, according to the Financial Times.

And the Daily Star reports on the coldest bank holiday for decades.