This interactive map shows how bad coronavirus is getting anywhere in Europe

WHO coronavirus map
The World Health Organization has released a new interactive coronavirus map. (WHO)

The World Health Organization (WHO) has released a new interactive map that shows how bad coronavirus is in different areas of Europe.

The map shows COVID-19 statistics broken down by areas within different countries, making it possible to spot regions where case of the virus are increasing.

On Friday the map showed hotspots of the virus across Spain and France, with clusters clearly obvious around large cities including Paris, Madrid and Barcelona.

The map shows areas where cases of coronavirus are increasing (WHO)
The map shows areas where cases of coronavirus are increasing (WHO)

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It comes as a number of European countries continue to see new spikes in COVID-19 cases following the easing of lockdown restrictions, raising fears of a deadly second wave.

The WHO warned this week that Europe is entering a “tricky period” as schools reopen for the new term and the winter flu season approaches.

While classrooms have not played a major role in spreading coronavirus, there is growing evidence of youth infecting other people at social gatherings, Hans Kluge, WHO regional director for Europe, told a news briefing.

He said: The younger people are not necessarily going to die from it but it's a tornado with a long tail...At one stage, younger people particularly with the winter coming, will be in closer contact with the elder population.”

This week France recorded its highest level of confirmed new cases since lockdown ended, with Thursday’s tally hitting 6,111.

It was the most since a high of 7,578 set on 30 March during lockdown, at the height of the epidemic.

Spain is battling to contain a significant spike in new cases amid fears the virus is spreading uncontrollably again.

According to the Spanish health ministry, more than 900 people were hospitalised as a result of COVID-19 on Wednesday.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has also warned that the coronavirus pandemic is likely to worsen in coming months, and has said her government will respond by prioritising the welfare of society as a whole.

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