New Aston Martin DB5 Junior brings classic model on a smaller scale

Aston Martin has collaborated with The Little Car Company to create a two-thirds electric version of its classic DB5.

Measuring three metres long and 1.1 metres wide, the DB5 Junior has space for an adult and child to sit side by side. A chassis made from aluminium and a body crafted from composite materials allows the Junior to remain rigid while keeping weight down. It tips the scales at just 270kg.

Thanks to a 6.7bhp electric powertrain sending power to the rear wheels, the Junior can hit a top speed of 30mph.

DB5 Junior
DB5 Junior

Much like its big brother, the Junior features all of the same design elements you’d expect from the full-sized DB5. It incorporates the same Aston Martin ‘wings’ and model badges, for instance, while the dashboard uses functional Smiths instruments. However, the traditional fuel gauge has been converted to display battery charge levels, while the oil temperature gauge shows motor temperature instead.

The steering wheel, which is the same as the original DB5’s albeit on a two-thirds scale, also has a racing-inspired quick-release feature which allows for easier entry and exit of the vehicle. The accelerator and brake pedals are crafted from billeted aluminium, while the headlights, brake lights, indicators and horn all work.

DB5 Junior
DB5 Junior

Inside, there’s a full black leather interior and even a boot area for storage, too.

Power is sent to the road through 10-inch wire wheels with four-wheel ventilated disc brakes which also incorporate regenerative braking. The battery pack – which is removable – is stored under the bonnet and can return between 10 and 20 miles between charges.

Three driver modes – Novice, Expert and Race – allow the driver to tailor the response of the car, while the entry-level setting also imposes a 30m range which, if exceeded, will automatically shut the car down and bring the car to a stop.

Introducing the DB5 Junior – reborn for the modern era.

57 years after the original's release and at 66% scale, this fully electric DB5 is built in partnership with @thelittlecar_co as part of a strictly limited production run.

— Aston Martin (@astonmartin) August 27, 2020

A more dynamic DB5 Vantage version has also been created, doubling the power while also bringing a limited-slip differential. The range too has been boosted up to between 20 and 40 miles.

Prices for the DB5 Junior start from £35,000 plus local taxes, while the DB5 Vantage Junior commands a £45,000 price tag.

Those interested in buying a DB5 Junior, which is limited to just 1,059 units, will be able to secure a build slot via a refundable deposit. Slots are being issued on a first-come, first-served basis.