London Symphony Orchestra returns to work and announces upcoming performances

The London Symphony Orchestra has returned to work and announced a string of upcoming performances.

On Thursday, the orchestra began rehearsing for its performance at the Proms on Sunday.

The LSO will also record a performance of opera Bluebeard’s Castle, conducted by Sir Simon Rattle, on Wednesday before it is broadcast on YouTube later in the autumn.

Weekly live and recorded concerts will also be broadcast on YouTube from September 13.

The orchestra will also perform 18 live concerts on BBC Radio 3, with audiences invited to watch the performance live at LSO St Luke’s.

Sir Simon, music director at the LSO, said the orchestra “feel blessed to be able to perform together once more after all these months”.

He added: “I would like to pay tribute to the orchestra and the entire organisation for remaining so resourceful and typically positive throughout this difficult period, and I can’t wait to make music again.”

Kathryn McDowell, the LSO’s managing director, said: “We are delighted to at last be able to get back fully to work.

“We are using this time to continue experimentation with our programmes and formats, which we began with our small-scale pilot concerts across the summer.

“We intend to continue a bold mix between live and digital performance, making the best of the new facilities at LSO St Luke’s and laying the groundwork for a sustainable future reaching the widest possible audience.”


Earlier on Thursday, Sir Simon told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme it is “surreal” and “completely thrilling” to be back in rehearsals.

“You can be the greatest footballer in the world but you have to have your team to play with,” he said.

“That’s similarly true with orchestras. We exist together.

“I think everyone is just pathetically grateful to be playing together once more.”