Van drivers reveal their biggest pet peeves on the road

Van drivers have revealed the ways in which drivers get on their nerves out on the road.

The biggest causes of frustration were related to other road users not considering the size of a van, with ‘not being left enough space to get through tight roads’ being the most popular issue, annoying 31 per cent of van drivers.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles
Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles

This was followed by small parking spaces and not being let out into traffic coming equal second, annoying 30 per cent of van drivers.

The survey of 1,000 UK van drivers by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles identified other annoyances as cyclists coming up alongside a van at a junction (26 per cent), being cut up at roundabouts (26 per cent), drivers sitting in your blind spot (23 per cent) and tailgating (23 per cent).

Just 11 per cent of van drivers said nothing annoyed them.

Claire English, head of fleet at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, said: “Following a few months where many van drivers and key workers have had the roads almost to themselves when carrying out their vital work, it seems a fitting time to remind all road users to drive considerately and help each other out.

“Some situations are of course unavoidable, but this survey reveals the most common mistakes and habits that can cause difficulties and in some cases distress on the roads.”