Emilia Clarke discusses her television debut in BBC soap Doctors

Emilia Clarke has said that she was given just one take to perform her television debut in the BBC soap Doctors.

The Game Of Thrones star said that just as she entered a small room to film the scene, a member of the camera crew “let one rip”.

During an Edinburgh TV Festival event, she said: “On my first ever job, I was the guest lead in an episode of Doctors.

“There was a really small space and they were like, ‘OK, we have literally got time for one take, I’m really sorry Emilia, I know this is your debut on TV but we’ve got one take so don’t mess it up’.

A Simple Favour Premiere – London
A Simple Favour Premiere – London

“And I walk into this really small office and I’m meant to look shocked and alarmed and really upset about what I’m looking at. Just horrified.”

She said that as she walked in, a member of the camera crew “let one rip”.

Clarke added: “I was like, ‘We have got one take, just smell the smell’.”

The soap has featured appearances from a number of stars, including Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Jodie Comer, Eddie Redmayne, Nicholas Hoult and Claire Foy over the years.

During the conversation with filmmaker Paul Feig, who directed her in 2019 rom-com Last Christmas, Clarke also shared the advice she would give to people considering becoming an actor.

She said they should consider “is there anything else, anything at all, that you could really see yourself doing instead”.

“If there is, then do that because if you are acting, it is a rocky road and also you have to love it with every fibre of your being,” Clarke said.

“You have got to do it like you’ve got to breathe, because if you don’t, it just isn’t worth the pain and the heartache that comes along with being self-employed.”

She added that it is important to watch as many films, television programmes and live performances as possible so it can inform your work and help you discover what you like.