Amy Tinkler’s complaint was partly about ‘experiences’ with coach Amanda Reddin

Olympic bronze medallist Amy Tinkler has revealed part of the complaint about mistreatment she made late last year was related to elite coach Amanda Reddin.

Tinkler, who won a medal in the floor competition at Rio 2016, said she received notice on Friday that her complaints had been dealt with and the case was closed, information which made her “sick”.

An historical complaint against Reddin from another gymnast dating back to the 1980s was not upheld by British Gymnastics. She refutes that and other complaints made against her, and told ITV Sport she had been subjected to “trial by media”.

Tinkler is one of a number of gymnasts to allege mistreatment by coaches.

An independent review commissioned by UK Sport and Sport England into the allegations has formally started, and will be led by Anne Whyte QC.

A dedicated website for the Whyte Review has been set up, containing information related to the review and how to report allegations and submit evidence.

Tinkler issued a complaint in December 2019 and says the treatment she received led to her retirement from the sport in January, rather than injury.

“I can confirm that part of the complaint I submitted in December 2019 related to my experiences with Amanda Reddin and the national performance coaching set-up at British Gymnastics between 2016-2019,” she wrote on Twitter.

“On Friday, and only in response to media pressure, I was emailed informing me that my complaints had been dealt with and the matter closed.

“The way I received this information made me sick. It reinforced mine and every gymnast’s fear, which is that their complaints aren’t dealt with fairly and independently.

“This is why we don’t speak up. This is why we suffer in silence. We know that to speak up is a pointless, career-ending task.”

She said she is now seeking an explanation from British Gymnastics regarding the contact she received on Friday.

Amanda Reddin, left, pictured with Beth Tweddle in 2012
Amanda Reddin, left, pictured with Beth Tweddle in 2012

Reddin has rejected accusations that she was involved in any mistreatment of gymnasts.

“I completely refute the historical claim, and the investigation by British Gymnastics did not uphold the complaint,” she told ITV Sport.

“I completely refute these claims, it is wrong that my reputation within the sport that I love is now subject to a trial by media rather than through the proper processes.

“I would welcome the allegations be submitted to the independent review into alleged abuse in gymnastics to ensure the integrity of the process is protected for both athletes and coaches.”

British Gymnastics has been approached for a response.