Luke Goss on working with Hollywood star Val Kilmer in action film Paydirt

Actor and singer Luke Goss has revealed he shared a lengthy embrace with Val Kilmer when they met for the first time on the set of their new action film.

Goss, 51, stars in Paydirt as career criminal “The Brit” who is on the hunt for a buried stash of money in the California desert after being released from prison.

Hollywood actor Kilmer, 60, plays a retired sheriff out to stop him. Goss describes Kilmer – who has fought throat cancer – as a “warrior” and revealed when they first met on set they shared a 30-second hug.

“Val is a joy, a joy to work with,” he said. “And the way he greeted me and the way we greeted each other was just a 30 second hug.”

Towards the end of the film, the two men share a scene which Goss – whose acting roles include Blade II and a TV adaptation of Frankenstein – said was among the most fulfilling of his career.

He said: “That hour was one of the most special scenes, just in general, just because of who I was and who he is, as people not as actors.

“And so I’d say I’d put that certainly in the top two or three scenes in my career in the sense of being happy with it and the joy of filming it. It was a very human experience.”

Goss first found fame in the 1980s as part of the band Bros alongside his twin brother Matt.

Following his pop career, he began acting and painting and said it is the latter that means most to him.

Comparing his artistic outlets to a bucking bronco, he said music, film and art are all “tethered firmly” and will “come with me to the grave,” but painting is most important.

“I couldn’t live without it,” he said. “If I had to ditch some of the supplies, the weight of the horse, it would be music and film, unfortunately. I couldn’t live without painting.”

Paydirt is out now on DVD and digital.