Intense underwater workouts push athletes into the deep end

Intense underwater workouts push athletes into the deep end
Intense underwater workouts push athletes into the deep end

By Emerald Pellot, In The Know

One fitness program is sending clients off the deep end.

Deep End Fitness (DEF), an all-age fitness training program that's entirely underwater, is founded by two former Marines. Prime Hall and Don Tran met at Marine training school where they would learn how to remain calm and functional underwater.

It was there at Marine Special Operations School that the first inkling of DEF was born. Hall and Tran played underwater football as a part of their training and fell in love with it. Years later, the techniques they acquired during their decade-long careers as Marine Raiders, an elite special-ops group, would become the basis for DEF.

You can get a sneak peek at what it's like to train with Tran and Hall on DEF's Instagram deependfitness. Most of the clients can be seen descending into a large blue pool with no breathing equipment. The trainers carry weights that allow them to sink to the floor of the pool and to use for their workouts.

A clip shared by blemtech on Instagram shows Hall underwater with two dumbbells. He runs up the wall of the pool, weights in hand. Then he does a backflip and lands perfectly.

With intense workouts like this, it's no wonder the regimen has attracted NFL players, Olympic swimmers and UFC fighters like three-time champion Dominick Cruz.

"Deep End Fitness has been a fundamental key and a high-level training system that integrates perfectly into my MMA training regimen," Cruz told Swim Swam. "I could not ask for a higher quality of mental fortitude, breathing control and overall maximum lung capacity upskill, which is paramount in the fighting arena."

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