David Olusoga praised for ‘powerful’ speech on race and the television industry

MP David Lammy, actress Rebecca Front and BBC radio DJ MistaJam have praised David Olusoga for his speech on race and the television industry.

The broadcaster and historian gave the James MacTaggart Memorial Lecture on Tuesday, which is the keynote speech of the Edinburgh TV Festival.

He used the address to highlight “lost generation” of diverse talent in the television industry and drew on his own experiences of racism.

Labour MP Mr Lammy thanked Olusoga for an “exemplary, masterly and sobering” lecture.

“Your unique eloquence tonight demands attention,” he said on Twitter.

“It will without doubt be a catalyst to once and for all shift the dial on diversity on the television industry.”

David Lammy comments
David Lammy comments

The Thick Of It star Front shared a transcript to his speech, urging her followers to read it.

She labelled his remarks as “profound, powerful and personal”.

“A call to arms for the TV industry,” she added.

BBC Radio 1xtra DJ Mistajam also praised Olusoga’s lecture.

“As someone who has worked in television and also as someone who works in radio and has done for 15 years, every single word resonated,” he tweeted.