Noah Donohoe’s mother shares memories of teenager in bid for answers

The mother of a Belfast teenager found dead after going missing has made an emotional video as part of her campaign to find out what happened to him.

Noah Donohoe, 14, was found dead in a storm drain in the north of the city following a huge community search effort over six days in June.

In a video released on Twitter, his mother Fiona tearfully explained she has set up dedicated My Noah social media accounts to share memories of her son as she appeals for answers.

She said: “My Noah is now everybody’s Noah and I’ll gratefully share everything about my Noah so people can get to know him because he was such an amazing boy/

“I don’t know much about social media, but it’s a way for people to learn more about Noah because they have taken him into their hearts.

“I know he wasn’t perfect, he had socks laying on the ground and it could have taken him 10 hours to tie his shoelace if I didn’t keep prodding him.

“But his humour, he was just such a funny boy, and it is just making him even more real to people because he is so alive in my heart, he is so around me constantly and I just need people to see what time they invested in, searching for him and wanting answers.

Noah Donohoe funeral
Noah Donohoe funeral

“It is just, it is a platform for Noah to sing out and he couldn’t sing. He was in the choir, he was such an enthusiastic wee boy, he hadn’t a note in his head but my God he really gave everything to life and that’s why I want people to give as much as they can until we get answers, it is all about getting the answers.”

Belfast City Hall and The Tinnies sculpture in Strabane, Ms Donohoe’s home town, are set to be lit up blue this weekend in support of her campaign for answers.

An inquest into the teenager’s death opened at Belfast Coroner’s Court on July 24.