Edinburgh International Culture Summit goes online


A special edition of the Edinburgh International Culture Summit is to go online for the first time.

The event will centre around the transformational power of culture as a catalyst for change.

It invites key figures from the arts, economics, architecture, science, psychology, medicine, philanthropy and politics to participate.

Scottish Culture Secretary Fiona Hyslop said: “There is no comparable forum that offers the range of creative and collaborative opportunities afforded by the Edinburgh International Culture Summit.

“It is such a unique chance to learn from each other, gain insights, make connections and share best practice – all the more important in these unprecedented times.

“In Scotland, we are passionately proud of our culture. It is woven into our everyday life.

“It defines who and what we are, and its transformative potential is experienced by everyone.

“It’s unfortunate we can’t all meet in person this year, against the backdrop of our wonderful festivals, but I strongly encourage everyone to engage with this special edition of the summit and enjoy the wide range of virtual events and webinars.”

Each theme will be the focus of a day of conversation online, culminating in a webinar at 5pm, starting on Monday.

It includes a range of 50 contributors from around the world to discuss their research and experience.

They are also asked to consider how culture can act as a catalyst for positive change.

Those taking part include culture ministers from 16 countries and figures including Bank of England chief economist Andy Haldane, associate professor of psychobiology and epidemiology at UCL Dr Daisy Fancourt, and V&A director Tristram Hunt.

The event will be aired from 10am on Monday at www.culturesummit.com