Knife killer convicted of murdering mother and stepfather in brutal attack

A knife-obsessed killer is facing a life sentence after being found guilty of murdering his mother and stepfather.

Anmol Chana was convicted by jurors at Birmingham Crown Court of killing Jasbir Kaur, 52, and her husband, Rupinder Singh Bassan, 51, at their home in Oldbury, West Midlands.

The trial was told the 26-year-old, of Hamilton Road, Smethwick, had “animosity” towards his mother, having sent a text expressing a desire “to knife her” before the killings in February this year.

Anmol Chana
Anmol Chana

After the murders, Chana stole money from the victims’ semi-detached house and fled the scene in Mr Bassan’s yellow Toyota Aygo, before contacting a female escort, going to a pub and “calmly playing pool”.

Chana, who will be sentenced on Friday, also plotted to flee the UK, booking a plane ticket to Italy via Turkey, and writing himself a reminder list including entries to “rob a Lidl” and “buy a new knife”.

At the start of the trial, prosecution barrister Jason Pitter QC, said both victims had been brutally murdered, suffering multiple stab wounds.

“The tragedy is they were killed by the defendant who they had, only that same Saturday, allowed to stay under this same roof,” Mr Pitter told the court.

In a statement issued by West Midlands Police after Chana was convicted, detectives said the killer, who claimed to have acted in self-defence, was arrested at his home on Tuesday February 25.

A search of the property uncovered the keys to the Toyota, a passport with travel details, a combat style knife, and a sheath covered in blood.

Son charged in Oldbury couple death
Son charged in Oldbury couple death

Commenting on the case, Detective Inspector Hannah Whitehouse said: “Chana carried out a despicable crime against his family in their own home which should have been a place of safety.

“Our investigation revealed that Chana was fanatical about knives and had previously expressed a desire to kill his mother.

“Sadly we do not know what led him to carry out such a vicious and sickening attack.

“My thoughts remain with the couple’s wider family and friends.

“I can’t imagine how they are feeling; the shock and pain that his actions have caused will stay with them forever.

“I hope the guilty verdict today provides them with some comfort.

“Knife crime is devastating and this case has been a harsh reminder of the tragic consequences.”

In a tribute issued through police, Mrs Kaur’s daughter said: “I am sad that their lives were ended so quickly without a second thought by a person whom they both loved dearly.

“I have painful daily reminders that I won’t have their guidance through my adult life.

“The only comfort I have from any of this is that at least my parents are at peace together.

“Two beautiful souls eternally together.

“And that I’ll always love them.”