Third of UK motorists avoid driving on motorways

More than a third of drivers avoid driving on motorways, a new survey has revealed.

A poll of 1,542 UK motorists found that not only are 37 per cent of people avoiding motorways, but more than half avoid city centres as well as parallel parking and parking on a hill.

Older drivers are more likely to be comfortable with certain manoeuvres, according to the survey by InsuretheGap, compared with young motorists. Drivers under 35 are twice as likely to attempt to avoid parallel parking, reversing into a parking bay or reversing around a corner compared with someone over 55.

Ben Wooltorton, chief operating officer at said: “These findings show that you’re certainly not alone if you like to plan routes which avoid motorways, city centres, or country roads, although this might make finding a route challenging. Also spare a thought for those trying to find a parking space, particularly young drivers, who try to avoid parallel parking, parking on a hill or reversing into a space.

“Also, the quarter of drivers who wish to avoid roundabouts would be well advised to stay away from Milton Keynes which has 124 roundabouts, the most of any UK town, so there’s plenty of scope for driving in circles there, particularly if you’re looking for the perfect parking spot.”

The most commonly avoided situation was driving in bad weather conditions, with 73 per cent of drivers admitting to this. This was followed up by driving in foreign countries and driving in heavy traffic, with 72 per cent and 56 per cent of respondents admitting this respectively.