Danny and Dani Dyer launch agony aunt podcast with Spotify

Danny and Dani Dyer are set to become agony aunts for a new podcast with Spotify.

The father-daughter duo will host Sorted With The Dyers together, an unscripted Spotify Original podcast from BBC Studios and Pod Almighty.

The 25-episode series will see EastEnders star Danny, 43, and former Love Island contestant Dani, 24, unpack dilemmas and issues posed by listeners.

Listeners will be encouraged to write in with questions and concerns regarding friends, relationships or work.

The podcast promises to deliver the pair’s “trademark combination of dry humour and direct East End charm”.

It comes after Dani announced last month that she is expecting her first baby with boyfriend Sammy Kimmence.

The couple first got together before she starred in ITV dating series Love Island in 2018, and rekindled their romance after her split from Jack Fincham, with whom she won the show.

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14 Weeks💖💙 I’ve really started noticing the changes in my body and I’m definitely embracing it. Apparently at this stage I’m supposed to feel ‘on top of the world’ which I really hope for as the first few months have been really hard😂 I’ve had loads of messages from people so thought I’d share my experience so far. And honestly your responses and little tips have been amazing I really feel like it is like a little community on here and I love it lol. I’ve been lucky with not being physically sick. But I’ve definately suffered with the nausea, always being tired but waking up at stupid times and horrendous migraines (I will definitely be trying out all the new things people have recommended me so Thankyou) I’ve had to say goodbye to salads and hello to anything that can go inside of a sandwich or a roll because for some reason a plain salad makes me GAG! All I want is carbs carbs carbs. At first I felt terrible I didn’t want to exercise or do anything I just wanted to lay on the sofa and sleep. But there is NOTHING wrong with that, I think I’ve learnt everyday I will feel different! Some days I’ll have energy some days I won’t even want to get out of my pyjamas and that’s totally ok. There’s always a lot of pressure on how you should feel but we are all different. I actually want to shout out to the women that write on netmums because they have got me through the worrying😂 I’ve honestly never ever been a hypochondriac until now. I have drove myself mad with worry over every single niggle or pain or if I have had a headache that lasted more than a day I have been on the phone to 111. But I am calming down now, you can’t help but worry the first few months as it really is the hardest because you want it all to be positive and ok. Wishing all my beautiful pregnant ladies a healthy and safe pregnancy. Thinking of you all💖👶💙

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They announced the news on Instagram with a photo of herself holding up a picture of a scan and Kimmence kissing her on the cheek.

Danny discovered in 2016, during filming for Who Do You Think You Are?, that he is related to Thomas Cromwell, Edward III, William the Conqueror and Henry III.

Last year he charted his regal lineage in a two-part BBC One series called Danny Dyer’s Right Royal Family.

– Sorted With The Dyers launches in early October.