Thunder and rain set to continue over the weekend

Thunderstorms and heavy rain are set to continue, leaving parts of Britain a total washout for many this weekend.

After a week of scorching temperatures, the tropical sun has been replaced with downpours and flash flooding that has brought disruption to roads and railways.

The Met Office has revised its yellow thunderstorm warnings for the weekend and removed some parts of England and Wales.

They remain in place for the south of England and South Wales and from Saturday spread to the rest of Wales, the Midlands, and the north of England.

Met Office meteorologist Craig Snell said: “While a hot and thundery week for some of us, this weekend we maintain the risk of further thunderstorms for parts of England and Wales.

“The best of the weather will be up across parts of western Scotland and Northern Ireland where we see plenty of sunshine.

“Despite the drop in temperatures it will still be quite warm and humid out there, not only by day but also by night and the nights will still be quite uncomfortable to sleep in as we go through the next few nights.”

Analysis by the Met Office showed that heatwave thresholds were met across a large swathe of England and parts of Wales over the last week.

Further thunderstands are forecast for parts of England and Wales this weekend (PA Graphics)
Further thunderstands are forecast for parts of England and Wales this weekend (PA Graphics)

The south east of England and East Anglia saw the longest duration and highest temperatures.

The Environment Agency has six flood alert warnings in force across the West Midlands.

Meanwhile, the fire service was warning of the potential dangers of visiting the coast during poor weather conditions after beaches were closed in Cornwall.

“If you do head to the coast whilst it is foggy, stay out of the water until directed otherwise by lifeguards or you see red and orange flags raised,” a spokesman said.

“When driving in fog remember to slow down, use fog lights if visibility is seriously reduced and switch fog lights off when visibility improves.”