Musical directed by Arlene Phillips to be staged outdoors

A musical directed by former Strictly Come Dancing judge Arlene Phillips is set to be performed outdoors in London.

A specially produced version of the musical Hair will be performed at the Turbine Theatre in front of a socially distanced audience next month.

The venue, on a jetty next to Battersea Power Station in south-west London, has announced a series of live events.

Phillips said: “I am thrilled to be directing this small but mighty open air concert of Hair.

“Now more than ever we need music that lifts our spirits and feeds our soul to remind us that theatre is alive.”

The musical will be staged from September 4 to 6.

Paul Taylor-Mills, the theatre’s artistic director, said: “The Turbine On The Jetty Season is only possible because of the patience, expertise and fearlessness of the incredible companies and artists that have worked with me over the last couple of weeks to get this off the ground.

“The project is a mammoth undertaking and to say I’m thrilled with the variety of work on offer is an understatement.

“Even against the odds the Turbine Theatre continues to programme classic work in a fresh way and support both seasoned artists and provide a platform for new voices.

“Please do come and support us. The arts needs you more than ever, there is no other way of putting it.”

Other shows being staged at the theatre include Horrible Histories: Barmy Britain, solo Shakespeare production Bard In The Yard and concert The Final Countdown.