Robbie Williams reveals the number of toilets in his Beverly Hills mansion

Robbie Williams has revealed that he has 27 toilets in his Beverly Hills mansion.

The former Take That star, 46, lives in the sprawling property with his wife Ayda Field, 41, and their four children.

Joining Scott Mills on Radio 1 during the presenter’s legends DJ slot, the Stoke-on-Trent-born star joked about how he planned to use them.

Princess Eugenie wedding
Princess Eugenie wedding

He said: “I am in Los Angeles in the hills of Beverlyshire 90210. I just wanted to experience it and now I’ve experienced it, I’m going back to Stoke.”

Asked how many toilets the house had, he said: “Twenty-seven. Yeah, 27 actual toilets.

“One day I’m going to have a poo party where people come round and we just flush them all, like synchronise it and see what happens.”

The singer also updated fans on his songwriting efforts during lockdown.

“I have written 25 new songs in the last three weeks,” he said.

“I have been doing art and I have got a garage full of massive paintings that I’ll be doing (an) exhibition (for).

“I’m organising a few TV shows that I’m gonna be doing. I’m very, very busy.”

Asked which shows, he joked: “I can’t say, but I have been asked to be a contestant on Naked Attraction. I’ve asked my wife and she says, ‘Yeah, it’s fine’.”

Williams’ full DJ takeover on Scott Mills’ Radio 1 show is on BBC Sounds.