Black remains top car colour but white surges in popularity

Black has taken the top spot as the most popular car colour during 2020, though white has been rapidly increasing in popularity throughout the year.

One in every five cars on the UK’s roads are black, making a total number of 6.5 million vehicles. Despite this, its popularity has slowed while white’s has accelerated. In fact, the number of white cars registered as of March 2020 increased by 269,314, making for a total of just under five million on the road today.

However, it wasn’t enough to claim a place on the podium with white taking fifth place in the popularity stakes.

Silver came in second place with 5.7 million cars currently on the roads, followed by blue with just over five million and grey in fourth with just under five million.

Simon Williams, spokesperson for RAC Insurance, which submitted a Freedom of Information request to the DVLA to discover the results, said: “While black continues to top the car colours popularity chart, the appeal of white is still very much on the up. In fact, today there are 1.5m more white cars on the roads than there were in 2016. It remains to be seen whether white will make its way into the top five car colours however. If it does, it will have to depose grey, blue or silver.

“Grey is very much still in vogue, but silver’s appeal is waning, having shrunk in overall numbers by 340,000 in the last three years. Blue is also out of favour, with just under 90,000 fewer registered cars now on the road than the same time in 2019. But white still has some ground to make up as it’s 558,000 behind grey which currently holds fifth spot.”

The title of the least popular colour fell to pink, but despite this, 22,728 cars were registered in this colour from March 2020. This represents a significant increase on the 19,959 pink cars registered during 2017.