Adil Ray to front new ITV game show Lingo

Adil Ray is set to host a new ITV game show titled Lingo.

The programme will see three pairs of contestants pitted against each other in the language-based competition.

The players will compete for a cash prize before the winning team enters the final, where they can double their prize money or risk losing everything.

Good Morning Britain presenter Ray said: “I feel like I have just won the star prize on a game show.

TV Choice Awards 2017 – London
TV Choice Awards 2017 – London

“I am so excited to be working with ITV and Wildcard and to be hosting such a brilliant game.

“When I told me auntie about it she wanted to come on as a contestant, as long as it was in Punjabi.

“She won’t be coming on. But you could be, and I promise Lingo will be lots of fun. You have my word.”

Lingo, which is based on a format which has aired in France for 29 years, is set to be broadcast during the winter.

Versions of the game have also been broadcast in the US and the Netherlands.

The producers of the programme are currently recruiting pairs of people who live in the same household to be contestants on the programme.