‘Sorry for the bad language’: Lightning bolt stuns Wrexham resident

A resident in Wales was given an almighty fright when a bolt of lightning struck a nearby area.

Twitter user Donna Tizzard was filming the sky in Gwersyllt, Wrexham, when a bolt of lightning appeared from nowhere, prompting a shout of "Oh my god!"

"Sorry for the bad language," she tweeted. "But i s..t myself."

"That's definitely a OMG moment," one Twitter user replied.

Lightning has been a common sight across the country this week, with social media brimming with videos of the weather phenomenon.

"Tiny cloud, no thunder. Just spitting out lightning," one man in Telford wrote, adding: "Never seen anything like it in the UK."

Weather warnings remain in place for much of the UK after thunderstorms continued to cause disruption amid scorching temperatures.