Will Smith's front teeth 'knocked out' by Jason Derulo in golf lesson prank


Jason Derulo appears to have knocked out Will Smith's front teeth as part of his latest prank.

The actor has shared footage of himself providing some golf tips for the singer where Derulo appears to accidentally chip the Hancock star's teeth.

In the clip posted to Instagram, Smith tells the singer “don’t swing yet" as they practice indoors before Derulo prematurely pulls his club back, right into the 51-year-old’s mouth.

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Smith clasps his mouth in the clip before revealing his damaged pearly whites, prompting Derulo, 30, to tell him to put some ice on it while walking away.

The humorous skit continues with Smith picking up his own club and whacking Derulo with it before the video ends in a freeze frame of the wincing Ridin' Solo singer.

"And we never saw @jasonderulo again," Smith captioned the post.

He later shared a photo of himself smiling alongside Derulo, showing off his chipped teeth as he joked: "I gotta stop inviting @jasonderulo over (see my last post)."

Derulo put up the same photo, commenting: “He’s finally embracing his new smile.”

It comes after Derulo appeared to suffer a similar dental fate back in May when he shared a video of himself chipping his front tooth while eating a corn on the cob off a drill.

While he posted a follow-up video asking about how much it would be to fix the tooth, it appeared to have all been a hoax when he appeared days later in the Daily Mail with his gnashers intact.

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