Chinese city builds bridge around woman’s house after she refused to move

Chinese city builds bridge around woman's house after she refused to move
Chinese city builds bridge around woman's house after she refused to move

By Emerald Pellot, In The Know

A woman, who goes only by her surname Liang, put up a decade-long fight with a local government in China after the city wanted to buy Liang's home to demolish it and create Haizhuyong Bridge.

However, the Guangdong province resident wouldn't back down. The government then built the bridge around the 40-square-meter property.

Liang refused one of the government's offered flats because she didn't believe it was suitable since it was located near a morgue. On another occasion, Liang apparently asked the government for four apartments but they only would give her two. Local officials even went so far as to offer her cash compensation, but the woman rejected that too.

Now, a decade later and Liang's home is in the middle of two bustling roads.

"You think this environment is poor, but I feel it's quiet, liberating, pleasant and comfortable," Liang said according to The Sun.

The local government began developing the bridge in 2010. Out of the 47 homeowners that were asked to relocate, Liang is the only one who still remains.

These so-called "nail houses," where homeowners refuse to let their houses be demolished, have become tourist attractions in China. The video footage above shows locals gather around the small home, nestled in between four-lane traffic, to take photos.

While engineers ensured Liang's home would be safe in the underpass, the government is still carrying out talks with the woman.

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