Daisy Edgar-Jones says Marianne’s fringe was result of ‘break-up haircut’


Daisy Edgar-Jones has said her famous hairstyle in Normal People was the result of a “break-up haircut” after she lost out on a part.

The actress shot to fame as the star of the BBC Three adaptation of the Sally Rooney novel.

Her haircut, featuring a heavy fringe, has developed a cult following to rival Connell’s chain, the jewellery sported by her co-star Paul Mescal.

There is now an Instagram account dedicated to “Marianne’s Bangs”, as there is to the chain.

Edgar-Jones told Harper’s Bazaar UK: “It’s so funny. I got the fringe as a sort of break-up haircut after I came really close to a job and didn’t get it.

“The next week I had another audition for [the television series] War Of The Worlds and got the part. I can act better with a fringe, it’s my secret power!”

Edgar-Jones said it was “bloody terrifying” to take on the role of Marianne, adding: “When I got the part, I was very excited. Then I had the fear settle in, the imposter syndrome of thinking, have they actually got it wrong?

“I learnt a lot during filming about being more confident in my voice and not feeling like I have to quieten.”

Reflecting on the show, she said: “I’m really proud of it. It’s so raw and honest. We’re not just seeing a glossy, honeymoon portrayal of love, we’re seeing the rust of life. It’s the truth of growing up.”

She said this was reflected in the sex scenes she shared with Mescal, saying: “It was about creating a real friendship with Paul so we could trust each other. I’m lucky he and I understand each other and have a very similar sense of humour.

“Neither Paul nor I are ever sexualised in those moments. It’s just a story of young love.”

Edgar-Jones added she now has ambitions as well as acting, saying: “Ultimately, I’d love to direct. I’m really fascinated by film-making and cinematography.

“As much as I love a performance, I also appreciate how a choice of lens or music can elevate it to a different level.”

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