Hannah Waddingham says her Ted Lasso character was inspired by Karren Brady


Hannah Waddingham has said that the portrayal of her character in Ted Lasso was inspired by Apprentice star Karren Brady.

The Apple TV+ series sees Ted Lasso, an American football coach, move to England to manage a professional football team, despite having no experience of working in the sport.

Waddingham told the PA news agency she had “kind of followed [Baroness Brady’s] unswerving power through a man’s world for years”.

Karren Brady file photo
Karren Brady file photo

Baroness Brady “never for a second loses her femininity or chooses to hide it”, Waddingham said.

“I think she’s a wonderful role model for young women who must get sick and tired growing up seeing overly glossy, plastic women on the front of women’s magazines,” she added.

Rebecca is a “force to be reckoned with” on the surface, Waddingham said, adding: “But actually, she’s an absolute house of cards.

“You pull one card away and the whole lot comes down.”

“It was just a gift to play in terms of I just don’t get to play that fragility, and then suddenly having a killer funny line, it’s a real rarity for me and so I hope I’ve done it justice,” the Game Of Thrones star said.

Her character is “vast and layered”, she added.

Ted Lasso launches on Apple TV+ on Friday.