What the papers say – August 8

Moves against migrants arriving in the UK by boat, and Britain’s scorching temperatures are among a variety of topics on the front pages on Saturday.

The Times leads on a push back against migrants crossing the Channel, with UK officials studying Australian methods of intercepting boats before they reach land.

The Independent reports on internal fighting in the Labour Party over claims of sabotage concerning its 2017 election campaign.

The Guardian says 40% of teacher predictions for A-levels will be lowered as this year’s pandemic-affected results are finalised.

The i previews the weekend’s forecast heatwave.

And the Daily Mirror reports on a day of “travel chaos” as Britons flocked to beaches on Friday.

Meanwhile, house prices have climbed to record highs thanks to the Government’s stamp duty holiday, the Daily Express reports.

UK tourists in Europe have been “left in the dark” by a lack of clarity on quarantine restrictions, according to The Daily Telegraph.

The Financial Times says Donald Trump has raised to stakes in his ongoing “fight” with China.

The Daily Mail leads on its campaign to supply PPE kit to frontline medical staff.

And the Daily Star says the ghost of Tara Palmer-Tomkinson has twice visited her sister from the grave.